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About Electrolysis & FAQ

What is Electrology?

  • Electrology is the science of permanent hair removal. 

  • Electrolysis is the term used for all modalities of electrology. 

  • Electrolysis is the only TRUE method of permanent hair removal and the only treatment recognized as permanent by the FDA.

  • Electrolysis works by destroying the germinative cells (cells responsible for hair growth) at the base of the hair follicle. This is achieved by inserting an ultra-fine wire filament into the hair follicle and distributing a minute current of electricity and/or heat into the base of the follicle, thus destroying the germinative cells and preventing the re-growth of hair from the follicle.

  • Permanent hair removal of a specific area requires a SERIES of electrolysis treatments over a period of time in order for success to be achieved. PLEASE NOTE: Due to many varying factors, there is no way to determine how many treatments an individual may need to achieve permanency. This is different for everyone and GREATLY depends on your commitment to the schedule recommended by your Electrologist. 

What areas can be treated? 

  • Almost all areas of the body can be subject to unwelcome hair growth and almost all areas can be treated successfully with electrolysis. 


  • The most commonly treated areas for women are: Chin - Jawline - Upper lip - Throat - Sides of face - Eyebrows - Chest - Abdomen - Breasts - Bikini line - Underarms - Hairline - Fingers and toes.  ***Please note that Zapology Electrolysis is currently not offering ANY lower body services.***


  • The most commonly treated areas for men are: Back (including shoulders and torso) - Ears - Brows - Cheeks (to clean up beard line) - Neckline - Nape - Hands


Does electrolysis work on dark skin?

Yes! Dark skin is a challenge for some hair removal methods, but not for electrolysis. Electrolysis is effective on all skin colors and types of hair. Your electrologist looks for the opening where the hair emerges from the skin. They do not need a significant difference in between the color of the hair and the color of your skin to do this. No matter what color of skin and hair you have, electrolysis works.

What if I have PCOS?

Throughout women's lives, hormones fluctuate and can cause hair to grow unexpectedly. Hormonal changes and conditions account for many problems besides unwanted hair. The cause can be related to puberty, menopause, pregnancy, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), an underlying medical condition, your genetic makeup and even some medications. You may want to see an endocrinologist to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. For the hair, the solution is electrolysis.

For Teenagers:

As teens are coming into their own, physical changes such as unsightly hair can negatively impact body image and self-esteem. For teenage girls, it could be the growth of superfluous hair on the sides of the face. For teenage boys, it may be the emergence of thick, busy eyebrows. Some teenagers feel too embarrassed to speak about their hair concerns, while others go to a parent for advice. If you're a teen or the parent of a teen, rest assured that there is a permanent solution for removing excess hair safely, comfortably, and conveniently: electrolysis. 

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